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Listed below are some generic guidelines that should help you with the physical design and final overall appearance of your custom lapel pin.


The shape of your custom lapel pin is just as important as the art elements that will be reproduced on it. Your pin's shape should be a compliment to its design message—and as you can see from the samples shown in this site, there are many unique shape variations that have done just that.


The size of your custom lapel pin is a matter of personal taste—and also how detailed the art will be reproduced.


For most of the production methods described in this site, pricing includes up to 5 colors. When specifying a particular color, please refer to a PMS color equivalent, this will help us in matching your desired color(s)–however, keep in mind that the pigment materials used in various pin production methods are different mediums than those used—for example—in the production of your business cards, stationery or other printed products. Also consider the base metal color of the actual pin and how it will compliment the other colors on your pin.

Production Method

The production method you decide to use in producing your pin is more heavily based on the cost of the materials than it is on the type of art design you wish to produce. Another factor you may wish to consider, is how it will be used—will it be given away as a promotional item to potential customers—or as a token of recognition to an employee. Weigh perceived value benefits against and the actual value benefits that will ultimately translate back to the giver.

Type of Artwork

You may wish to call us about the type of artwork needed to produce your pin because it depends on the production method that is used. For the majority of production methods, a good quality, "camera-ready" black & white image of your pin's art design (at least 4 times larger than the size of the pin) is needed. We can also work from digital files of your art design if that is more convenient. If you are unable to obtain artwork of your pin design, we offer design and art preparation services free of charge.

Attachment Options

Choice of attachment fasteners are usually based on cost and how often a pin is taken on and off—(the nice thing about attachments is that they are rarely seen while a pin is being worn).

Jewelry Accessories

National Custom Insignia, Inc. is also a source for reproducing your design on other types of jewelry accessories such as cuff links, pendants, earrings, money clips, keychains, medallions and more. Call us, and we can discuss your specific needs.

Need Samples?

Give us a call, we'll be happy to send you a sample display of randomly selected pins that have been produced using some of our most popular pin production methods—free of charge.

Things to Consider About The Design of Your Custom Lapel Pin

When selecting and designing your pin, remember that the finished product is like a picture on a canvas. After years of experience in designing pins, and seeing which ones appeal to business executives and consumers, we will share with you our suggestions and observations.

Memo: Your Pin is a reflection of your company's values and image. It should represent those ideals in every way possible.

As stated, a lapel pin is, in reality, a piece of jewelry, and is meant to be worn as such. people wear their pins with pride, others collect them, as people tend to collect so many other items. Some pins are made to be given as gifts, others for awards, and others to use as a thank you for a donation, and as such, are considered great for using as fund raisers. And more and more pins are being utilized for event, brand and product promotion as more people identify with brands as a fashion statement. Pins compliment any brand building campaign as well as the promotion of a product or service. More than anything though, pins are still very much a recognition and awareness product.

The most desirable being the Cloisonné, we take your pin design and create a "die", which is used to produce your pin blank. Then each color is placed, as a powder, one color at a time on your pin; this is done by hand. In order to separate the colors, the pin has ridges, usually gold or silver, depending upon the metal you select. Then the pin is baked until the cloisonné becomes glass, but still retaining the color. This labor intensive process is repeated for each color. Thus, the more colors you select, the more labor is required to produce your pin.

Every pin must have the thin metal lines separating colors, some artists incorporate these lines into their designs. This is why many pins have base metal within the color scheme. The letters you use are usually gold or silver, as you would need a metal outline to have the lettering in a different color, and this would take a lot of extra room. It is not necessary to use both an Organization Logo and the Organization Name on your pin, unless, of course, your event includes the name within the event name and you want to include the logo, also. Remember, the pin is a small canvas and any drawing you reduce from, will be much smaller in its final form. The fewer words and details you use, the better your pin will appear. It is not necessary to use a round, square, rectangle, or triangle design. In fact the more "custom" your design, the better the pin. You want the pin to be distinctive, and reflect what you are trying to convey. Review other pins you have, get the aide of your manufacturer, listen to him/her. Many designers are very creative and will produce a beautiful picture, but when reduced, it has so much detail, that there will be no appeal for your final pin.

You should keep your color selection simple and limited. This creates more time in placing the cloisonné and in the firing time. I have seen pins as small as 1/4 inch and as large as 3 inches. Most pins tend to be 5/8 inch to 1.5 inches.

The size is measured as the longest dimension. The important thing to remember is that, if you have a pin with a shape which is long in one direction, you might be able to utilize the height or width with no additional cost. A recent pin I saw was a rectangle. Yet, with no additional cost, the designer could have made the width wider and increased the beauty of the pin.

If you have any questions or are unsure about which style or production method would be best suited, please call us—it's our business to guide you with your decisions and to provide you with the best possible product.

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Free Design Help

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